Why the Drone Has Become a Land Surveyor’s Best Friend

Joinery experts use electric drills, grinders, saws, etc.; accountants use calculators and computer software; surveyors use theodolites, infrared reflectors, GPS and more. However, drone mapping has changed the way land surveyors Adelaide surveyors conduct surveys – from the sky instead of on land.

Data captured using drone mapping perfectly complements what engineers can see from the ground. Read in full here.

Employee Safety

Land Surveyors AdelaideAlthough surveyors are paid above the national average, their work does not always consider weather conditions or physical fatigue. Surveyors’ work is always outdoors, regardless of the weather, and consists of a large amount of resistance and potentially long trips. There is also an additional danger of challenging or unforeseen terrain. Having a drone mapping solution that allows autonomous flights eliminates several risks associated with land surveying, such as heavy equipment and serious injuries. With the press of a button, a drone can independently inspect a site, obtain a complete aerial mapping of the site, land at its launch location, and load its model and data into a secure cloud in minutes. Additionally, this entire process does not put anyone at risk of serious injury.

Survey Speed and Accuracy

When it comes to efficient use of time, there is no comparison between drone mapping and land survey. Surveying takes long hours and carrying heavy equipment from one place to another. Instead of days or weeks, the drone mapping takes minutes to complete a site survey as accurately as you would on foot. Drone mapping gains access to the most up-to-date information on a location quickly and regularly. Read in full here.

Project Budget

The ability to make a specific budget work will always be at the forefront of most people’s minds. The beauty of drone technology is that you probably already have the budget. The drone allocation can fit perfectly into your pre-existing budget allocations and can increase the company’s budget and time to devote to other tasks. A traditional surveying team may take up to a month or more to map a treacherous 100-acre site but using a mapping drone can get this same task in less than half an hour. The higher speed and automation provided by the drone mapping allows companies to take on and complete more jobs safely for more customers, in more places, in less time.

Single Tool

Instead of theodolites, infrared reflectors and GPS, surveyors can now use drones that pilot autonomously with the press of a button. These drones can produce results equivalent to the tools mentioned above without all the heavy work and exhaustion. This, in turn, would allow land surveyors Adelaide to be safer, spend less time on each site visit, and save the client some money.