5 Steps to Install a Natural Gas Wall Furnace Heater

The cold season is right around the corner. Fortunately, you can always use a natural gas wall furnace heater to keep your home and office nice and warm. However, if you don’t have one, you may have problems with installation. You can always hire professionals. But keep in mind that when the cold season is fast approaching, they may not be available as other homeowners are also in need of their services. That’s why you should know how to install your wall heating by yourself. We’ve prepared a simple 5-step instruction on how you can install your gas wall heater and make sure it functions well.



Step 1 – Preparations


Choose the ideal spot where you’re going to install your wall heater. Locate an area inside your house that’s at an appropriate distance from the door and windows for air ventilation. Also, make sure to check for the availability of electrical outlets, as well as the area for vent termination, as well as the rout for the heater’s gas line. If all of that seems too much of a stretch for you, you can look here to help you get through this process faster.


Step 2 – Install the Gas Piping


Place the heater’s gas line in its new location. Shut down the gas line located in the shut-off valve. To test the new gas installation, plug the shut-off valve. After examination, you can now connect the new gas piping.


Step 3 – Vent Termination


Your gas wall heater will come with a manual or template, which is provided by the manufacturer. Use the manual or template to locate the part of the heater that will be installed through the wall of your house to the outside. Once marked, use a sabre saw to cut a hole.


Step 4 – Mount the Wall Heater


Locate the spots where you marked on your wall. Consult back to the manual or template again to make sure you have located the areas correctly. Take out the wall heater unit and vent pipe part. Assemble it to the heater vent collar with the use of either gaskets or duct sealant depending on what’s specified on your manufacturer’s installation procedure. Mount the wall heater onto the wall of your home. Secure it by using fasteners to connect the unit so that the vent pipe goes through the wall to the outside. The wall heater gas valve and the gas line must be connected with some hard piping.


Step 5 – Fit the Vent Termination


Finally, go outside of your house towards the location of your heater. Position the vent termination fitting on the end part of the vent pipe fixtures. Use plated or galvanised fasteners to attach the vent termination to the siding securely.


CONGRATULATIONS! If you reached the last part and have not encountered any problems, you’ve successfully installed your gas wall furnace heater. You can now enjoy a warm and cozy home during the cold season.