Is It Okay to Replace Your Fireplace Glass or Get a New Door?

If you recently saw the fireplace glass at home get broken, you get torn between replacing the glass and getting new doors. It is true that a fireplace glass replacement Adelaide will cost you money on labour, but the same thing happens if you insist on getting a new set of glass doors. The truth is there are specific scenarios to consider before you come up with the right decision.

fireplace glass replacement AdelaideReplacing the glass in your fireplace is the way to go if the hardware that comes in the installation of your door allows it. Know that some doors use adhesive silicon strips, which by the way makes it almost impossible to replace the glass. On the other hand, some doors make use of permanent clips, which in turn makes it doubly hard to handle.


Another situation where it is recommended to replace the glass is when you have expensive and premium high-end doors that look luxurious to the point that you never would want to replace it. Likewise, it will cost you a lot of money if you think about getting new doors.

Meanwhile, it is advisable that you get new doors instead of fireplace glass replacement Adelaide when it is almost impossible to get to the hardware channel that holds the glass. Furthermore, if the doors you currently have are old and outdated, it is evident that your best option is having them replaced. Likewise, although you do not have unbroken panes, they are soot-stained and dirty, it is good enough reasons to replace the door.



So, when you decide that glass replacement is the best option available, be reminded that there are several things you also must factor in. For example, you must put in the effort to find tempered glass for your fireplace that is at least 3/8 inches thick. The reason is that regular glass that is not thick enough cannot withstand the expected wear and tear as well as the pressure of a fireplace.


Accept the fact that you ought to spend a considerable amount of money to replace your fireplace glass merely because tempered glass is pricier compared to regular glass. Furthermore, it also is more challenging to manipulate since tempered glass needs precise cutting and heat treatment. Know that you never can substitute tempered glass with regular glass since the latter cannot withstand heat.


But remember, we are not saying that replacing the fireplace doors is not a practical option. In fact, some homeowners choose to do it instead of buying tempered replacement glass since the costs are almost the same, provided you do not select those expensive variants. If you are not sure about which direction to take, it is best that you talk to experts so that they can give you a better explanation of your options.