Don’t Buy a Problem – Have a Home Inspection First

Buying a house is a significant investment. While in most cases you can spot some problems that the previous house owner had, not all of them are quickly discovered. You will probably note a few areas in the house that need a makeover like a roof that needs shingles, faded walls that need a paint job.

But then,  do you notice small shavings mixed in with the soil and even parts of dead ants near the foundation that may show the presence of carpenter ants? Getting professional building and pest inspections are as essential as having the furnace inspected. If you have troubles with any of these items, it can mean other massive issues that are unseen, and this could end up costing you a fortune later in the form of repairs.

While most banks today insist on pest and building inspections before lending money, buying a house on a rent-to-own program or land contract doesn’t. In fact, some people sell houses on land contract because they know the home will never pass inspection, either because of pests or for structural integrity reasons. Of course, not all individuals sell on land contract for those reasons, but getting a pest and building inspections are indispensable.

No matter how much you love a home, if pests have already damaged the home’s structure or even the wiring, this can make a dream home a money pit. You are better off buying a house that needs carpet or paints than to invest in a home with dramatic unseen critter and pest damage. Also, consider that paint costs so much less than a new rug. With damage to your house by pests, your untrained eye may not see the extent of the damage until you hire reliable building inspections Melbourne. This excellent inspection company will tell you how to solve some of the problems found.

Pest and building inspections cost very reasonable when you consider all the other expenses of buying a house, including the cost of the home. It is far less than what you will pay for other items included in the closing costs, and can potentially save you lots of money in the coming years. Before you sign the purchase papers and finally congratulate yourself as the new homeowner, make sure that all the necessary inspections are done to avoid future surprises. Remember that once you sign the deal, nothing more can be done and you will end up inheriting the problems. You will never be sorry you had opted for a professional inspection. It is the best way to protect your investment even from the outset.