Net Wrap Australia Vs. Traditional Twine – Which One Is Perfect for Round Bales

The bale wrapping industry is full of dilemmas and confusions. For instance, what are you going to use? Will it be a traditional twine or the modern net wrap? While you can rely on your instincts when making your choice, there’s no doubt that one among these two bale wrapping products has the edge over the other – it’s no different than the net wrap. Australia is known for its agriculture and farmlands. Farmers have come to embrace modernity and are already abandoning the traditional twine in favour of the net wrap. Here’s why the net wrap is the number one choice among farmers and ranch owners:



Faster & More Efficient Baling Experience

There’s no doubt that net covers are designed for faster baling. Research has confirmed that baling using a net wrap will only take you one to two turns to fully wrap your silage bales. Traditional twine is too thin that you’ll have to turn it 15 to 20 times for each bundle you have. You don’t even have to do the Math to know that using traditional twine is going to be a stretch and will take you more time to finish your baling job compared to a net wrap. The latter is more efficient and will get your entire task done even before the day ends. So not only will a net cover provide you with faster baling, but it will also ensure maximum productivity.


Reduced Spoilage

Since a net wrap completely covers your entire bales during the wrapping process – you can guarantee that you’ll yield lesser spoilage at the end of the storage process. According to recent research, farmers will experience a 25% reduction on their spoilage rate once they switched to using the net wrap for their bale wrapping work.  That’s a significant increase that will surely guarantee that you’ll start using a net wrap from now on. By using a high-quality net cover, you can ensure that your silage bales will develop into fresh, healthy, and nutritious farm feed for your livestock


Switch to Net Wrap Australia Now!

With the multitude of benefits that a net wrap offers, there’s no doubt in anyone’s head why it’s highly considered as the future of bale wrapping. Don’t get left behind! Dive into the trend of the net wrap and never regret making the switch. Purchase your net wrap now! Visit our online store and get the best deals on the internet.