Advantages of Baling Twine for Hay and Feed Production

Anyone who is involved in the animal feed or hay production business understands that efficiency depends primarily on the materials they use, which is why the old rope and cord are no longer a preferred option these days. Instead, many of those who produce hay, especially in the livestock farming industry are switching to baling-twine netwrap. It is by far the most practical solution for almost all types of roping needs, including that of bale wrapping.

NetwrapWhile it is technically still considered as rope, there are apparent distinctive advantages of baling twine you must learn to appreciate so that you end up making that necessary switch soon. Baling twine is a synthetic cord variety made from naturally strong and resilient fibrous materials. The original purpose of inventing this type of rope was to tie up other fibrous materials, including but not limited to hay and straw. However, its function and purpose have extended to the point that it is now the most preferred method for producing compact as well as stackable products. The usual composition of this material consists of cellulose, wax, hemicellulose, and lignin.

Furthermore, you must know that baling twine does not synthetic components, and its natural properties allow it to prevent the absorption of water, moisture, dirt, and dust. You want your rope to have such quality because the last thing you intend to see is for your product to undergo rapid deterioration because of moisture penetration.

Baling twine is available in different colours, but it is advisable that you stick with the white variety. The reason is that you may prefer to dye the twine yourself using different shades for marking different products made at different times.

Keep in mind that baling twine is a recyclable material, which means that you won’t feel guilty when the time comes, you no longer have use for it, and you throw it away. The advantage of a recyclable product is that you won’t harm the environment even if you are using it in large amounts or quantities.

As a multi-purpose material, baling-twine netwrap is useful for tying up hay as well as different products. You can even use it for most of your rope-associated projects and tasks, both in the home and farm setting.

One of the best things about opting for baling twine is that you can readily purchase it, regardless of where you live in Australia. It is a product with an ever-increasing demand, which is why it is not difficult to find it. Numerous companies are producing baling twine for the local market. It is something that you will certainly appreciate because it implies that the price of baling twine becomes a lot more competitive due to the existence of several brands and manufacturers.