Making Quality Hay – Use Net Wrap

Prosperous livestock farmers know the importance of animal feeds preservation and more so making hay. Haymaking is one of the conventional methods of livestock feeds preservation. By creating quality hay, you will have plenty of feeds for next season, and you will be well prepared to face the unknown. However, when it comes to making hay, it is not always a walk in the park. Depending on the size of your stock, you will need to invest heavily in storage space since hay cannot be left on the open as it is susceptible to weather damage. Therefore, sometimes haymaking can be impractical especially for those farmers that practice large-scale livestock farming. However, this is no longer a problem with the introduction of net wrap.

Some decades before, making hay was a nightmare since you need to have ample storage space for the hay bales. However, with the introduction of net wrap, storage space is no longer a problem. It is a special plastic that is used to wrap the hay bales. Once you make the round hay bales, instead of transporting them to a storage space, you only need to bind them using the net wrap. After that, you can leave themon the farm as net wraps haveunique features that keep the product well protected,and there will be no loss of nutrients. In fact, when you use this silage covering product, you will end up with quality hay.

Net WrapWith the net wrap, you not only enjoy quality hay, but you also preserve sufficient feeds for your livestock and also save on operation cost. The old method of haymaking has a limitation when it comes to space. One could not preserve as many hay bales as possible since storage space was never enough. However, by wrapping your hay bales, you can leave them in the farm which means there is no threshold to the amount of hay you can make. Also, regarding saving the operation cost, you need not transport the hay bales to a storage location, and you also need not have storage space. Also, you can make money by preserving hay bales as you can sell the excess to other farmers.

If you are looking forward to taking advantage of net wrap, then ensure that you are buying from the best dealers to get a guarantee of quality. Otherwise, if you purchaselow-quality products, you will end up with low-quality hay, and it will not be a worthy investment. For quality net wrap – are dealers to contact. They have been in this business for a long time and makes quality agricultural packaging products including but not limited to silage wrap, silage film, etc. By buying from them, you are not only guaranteed of affordable products but also quality products. Give them a call or visit their site to know what other products they can offer you.