Best Dishwashers for Small Apartments

Dishwashers make life easier for mothers, college students, and professionals who have lots to accomplish and great heights to conquer. If you live in a small apartment or house that has a small kitchen, there are reliable dishwashers you can trust to ensure that your plates and utensils are clean and free from bacteria.



Compact Type


Compact dishwashers are popular in pad-type apartments that feature smaller kitchen spaces. They work just as great as bigger SA dishwashers due to space-saving features that allow for more storage. You can choose from a variety of smooth finishes and colours that will match your kitchen’s overall look.


Most compact dishwashers operate quietly, another aspect that makes it great for petite homes, especially among families with children or college students who need silence during study time or homework hours.


Finally, a compact dishwasher was created with disabled and elderly citizens in mind. Since it is shorter than average SA dishwashers, it brings ease of access for people with disability and senior family members.


Slimline Type


You may have seen slimline dishwashers in studio-type apartments or homes of families with just one or two kids. It’s understandable that a slimline dishwasher has a smaller capacity, but there’s a lot of space for couples or small families.


These SA dishwashers are known for easy instalment features and sliding trays for faster operation. As long as you have space where there’s an outlet for water and power, your slimline dishwasher will ensure clean and spot-dry kitchen utensils.


Portable Type


Recommended for one-bedroom flats and duplex homes, portable dishwashers have started gaining the attention of travel lovers and busy workers. This particular type of kitchen appliance is also known for using less water than manual dishwashing tasks. You can save dramatically on your water bill if you try this petite yet highly-functional machine.

Whether you purchase a compact, slimline, or portable dishwasher, make sure to buy your appliances from a reliable provider. You will know a company is trusted if it has a long list of satisfied clients who testify of its trustworthiness. You can also ask family and trusted friends if they can refer you to a provider that they’ve tried before for added assurance.


Most dishwasher companies offer discounts that will help you save a few bucks. During the Christmas holidays, you may get 10% off on a particular brand. There are also discount deals for new customers. If you’ve been purchasing from the same provider for a certain period, you can get warranty extensions or even freebies that will complement your dishwasher of choice.


Call your local provider today and ease your dishwashing burdens tomorrow!