Palm Tree Removal – 3 Ways to Remove a Palm Tree

There are three different ways to remove a palm tree. While you may have known only a single method, you’ll be surprised that there are two more palm tree removal Gold Coast techniques that are available. Continue reading and check them out:


You can remove your palm tree by digging around it up until the tips of its roots. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to do a lot of things to make sure this palm tree removal technique will work. Keep in mind that this technique will only work if the palm tree is small or medium-sized. The first thing you’ll need to do is to do your research. Research about your palm tree before you start digging. That way, you will know what type of palm tree it is and if it’s worth uprooting.

Palm Tree Removal Gold CoastThe next thing is where the tree should fall. It must fall in an angle with the most open space possible. That way, you will know at what position you will lean the tree towards. That way, it will fall without causing any damage or accidents. Finally, trace the ground to serve as the perimeter of your digging process. Make sure you hold the tree in place using strong chords. Once you’re at the tip, start removing the strings – first on the one that’s opposite to the direction you want your tree to fall.

Cutting Down the Tree

The next palm tree removal Gold Coast method merely is cutting down the tree. This method is, by far the most used method for cutting down a palm tree. All you need are the sharpest saws and chainsaws. When cutting down a tree, make sure you start on the end where you want it to fall. You can also use a sharp axe. Although we would highly recommend that you use a large saw or a chainsaw for a faster and more effective tree-cutting process.

Hire Professional Services

Finally, the last method is simply hiring professionals to do the tree removal for you. It’s by far the safest and most convenient method among the three palm tree removal Gold Coast ways. If you want to have your tree removed without the hassle, look towards hiring professional services instead. For an immediate response, make sure you have our hotline on speed dial. We’ll respond to your needs right away. Contact us now!