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There are few places in the world of fashion where you will find the unique style of designer women’s silk dresses than at the Saint Garde boutique. If you don’t know where to find Saint Garde, read on.

where to find Saint GardeThe origins of the name Saint Garde are shrouded in mystery, but legend has it that it was named after the place where the notorious Saint Germain was burning alive as a heretic. Unfortunately, no further details have been uncovered regarding this mysterious figure, but no less than the Queen consort, Mary of Burgundy, supposedly paid for his death by gifting a silk gown with the jewels. Today, that same gown is amongst the treasures of the Saint Garde boutique and Saint Garde night.

You will not get any more information about who Saint Germain was, but we can presume that he was a powerful courtier and a trusted advisor. The most likely identification of Saint Germain is that he was a prince in King Henry II of France. We can also safely assume that he was an ally of Catherine de Medici, another member of the French royalty. The most important thing to note about Saint Germain is that he was rich, so rich that his death left his widow in complete ruin. She was profoundly distraught and refused to leave her husband; however, she announced that they would wed and take their marriage vows on the day of his death. It was something that probably made her the happiest of all the princesses of France.

One of the most stunning styles of silk dresses found at the Saint Garde boutique is the silk evening gowns. The silk evening gowns at Saint Garde are a refreshing choice for those that want something sophisticated but doesn’t want anything too stiff or boring. The silk evening gowns at the Saint Garde boutique are a perfect choice for a fancy dinner party or a more intimate date.

If you have always wanted to try a silk dress, but you aren’t sure if you would like the feel of it or not, there is no reason to worry. There are a wide variety of different silk dresses available for you to choose from. Whether it is a simple strapless gown or a beautiful princess style dress, you will be able to find silk dresses that fit your budget perfectly.

When you visit the Saint Garde boutique, you will notice several different types of silk dresses. You will be able to choose between the many different styles and lengths available. Typically the silk evening gowns that are available here are one-piece dresses. They are usually long and full length, so if you prefer to wear your dress to an evening event, you will want to make sure that your dress fits your body type well.

Another option at Saint Garde for those that prefer to wear dresses is the silk ball gowns. The term ball gown generally refers to A-line gowns. These gowns usually come in one piece with a full skirt. These dresses are generally sleeveless, and the dress sleeves reach down to the hem of the dress. Ball gowns look incredibly elegant, and they are perfect for that special evening.

Most of the silk dresses for sale at Saint Garde are basic in design. They feature a lovely bodice and a nice skirt with some flowing fabric in them. There are plenty of options if you are interested in having a little bit of flair to your look with a simple gown. A silk evening gown is one of the most elegant types of clothing to wear to any type of occasion, and if you are looking for something a bit more unique and luxurious, than a then gown might be a good choice for you. Learn more where to find Saint Garde here.