Advantages Of Using Solid Brass Handles And Pulls For Your Doors

The brass handles and knobs are very stylish and add a lot of sophistication to any kitchen. However, not many people know the benefits attached to them. Read on to find out what they are and discover how they could end up saving you a whole lot of time and effort in the long run.

Lo-and-Co-Interiors brass handlesAnti-bacterial properties: Some scientists claim that polishing up the brass handles and knobs helps reduce infection risk. They further suggest that all colleagues and friends use this polish and advise them to do the same if they detect the need to do so. It is because the polish reduces or prevents the growth of bacteria within and on the surface of the item. By reducing the growth of bacteria, it becomes much easier to remove germs and other infectious agents.

No rusting: Another advantage of the Lo-and-Co-Interiors brass handles is that they are completely resistant to corrosion. You may have seen blackened brass knobs in old cabinets and drawers, and these appear ugly, but they are practically rust proof. In addition, they do not react to acidic substances, water or electricity and thus can be used in places affected by these elements. It includes kitchens, bathrooms and kitchens in the laundry rooms etc.

Low maintenance: The maintenance level of brass handles and knobs in Lo-and-Co-Interiors brass handles is very low. They need hardly any oiling to maintain their beauty and shine. It is because they can stand on their own, without having to support any weight. Also, if the cabinet has paint on its surface, then using brass knobs and handles will not interfere with the painting work.

Eco-friendly: Since brass handles are commonly used in kitchen cabinets, they can be considered green items. Some of the materials used to manufacture these handles include brass, stainless steel and chrome. While brass doors are more commonly used for kitchen cabinets, stainless steel is used for bathroom door handles. Brass doors are more often used in rooms with higher ceilings, like bedrooms and living rooms. Chrome handles, on the other hand, are commonly used in offices and bedrooms.

Reputable brand: There is nothing better than a well-made product for brass handles and furniture handles. Brass is metal, and if handled properly, it can last for a longer period than other metals. So, if you buy good quality brass door hardware at a reasonable price, then you can be assured that it will serve you for a long time.

Solid Brass Door Knobs: When you buy brass handles for your doorknobs, you should ensure that they are 100% made of solid brass. Apart from being strong and durable, this metal is also resistant to corrosion. The problem with other metals is that they corrode or rust after some time. In the case of public buildings like hospitals, restaurants and public baths, brass handles would ensure that the doorknob lasts for a long time.

Clean finishes: Although brass handles for kitchen and bedroom cabinets are made of metal, it is advisable to use polished finishes. This type of finish enhances their value and protects them from rusting. Since oil rubbed bronze finishes are not very attractive, polished finishes come as a better option.

Polished finishes: Oil rubbed bronze is one of the best finishes for brass handles for bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This metal is protected from rusting and corrosion. You need to apply a thin coat of oil-rubbed bronze to the furniture pieces before using the doorknobs or pulls.