The Amazing Value of Babywearing

The practice of carrying your baby or toddler with the help of a baby carrier, sling, wrap or other carrier styles is called babywearing. In various cultures all around the world, babywearing has been widely practised for over centuries already. Babywearing offers numerous benefits besides providing support when breastfeeding, promoting intimate bonding and fighting against postpartum depression.

Most parents are doubtful about using it and tend to ask, are baby slings safe? Well, the answer is a big, yes! That’s why we are encouraging you, whether you are a mom or dad, a sibling or any other caregiver to know more about the benefits that babywearing offers. Rest assured that it is a safe and effective parenting tool that you must not hesitate to explore and practice using.

  1. Babywearing leads to fewer cries.

According to many studies, babies tend to cry much lesser when they are carried either in their parent’s arms or in a baby sling carrier or wrap. Compared to non-carrying cultures, babies that are carried almost continuously cries much less.

  1. It helps you free your hands.

While still having both hands free, babywearing will allow you or the caregivers to keep the baby close and safe. While carrying your infant close to your heart, you will have the freedom to take care of your other kids or perform other everyday tasks without any worry.

  1. It creates a bond with your baby.

Babies are significantly more likely to demonstrate both a reliable and secure attachment to their mothers when they are worn in baby carriers, sling, or wrap.

  1. It is ideal when it comes to the baby’s emotional development.

When babies are carried, they develop a meaningful sense of security and trust much quicker. As a result, they tend to become more independent, even at an early age. Not only that but they also become more likely to be securely attached to you or their caregiver.

  1. It prevents stress and exhaustion.

Parenting can be overwhelming and exhausting at the same time. You can’t always hold your baby when they want to be held since you also have other works to do like folding the laundry and other errands to run. Fortunately, both parents and babies can benefit from babywearing. Aside from being an excellent way to connect with your child, babywearing also provides stimulation or the baby.

To ensure that you are by their side, babies will need verbal interaction and eye contact. One that can help in keeping your little ones close to you while you are still able to manage your everyday work is a babywearing sling.

With all the points shared above, can you identify now the answer to your question, are baby slings safe? It is undeniable that babywearing is an excellent bonding tool for mothers, fathers, grandparents and the rest of people around.