Promote Your Brand in Style – How to Create Unique Embroideries for Your Printed Caps

Printed caps are a great way to use as a promotional item for your brand. If you’re planning to use this item, make it twice as better by using excellent quality embroidered material. Commercial embroidery on promotional caps is different from sewing shirts, jackets, and other freebie garments. Using this option and knowing the ways of creating great-quality embroidery on your promotional caps will not only boost your business but will also save you a lot of production setbacks.

Printed CapsThe majority of sewing machines are designed to produce flat designs. To work on the 3-dimensional curves of a cap, they will need some special attention. For example, placing high-stitch designs with tiny letters on the front of a cap is going to be a challenge. Avoid this problem and save yourself some headaches during production. Not only will you promote your brand in style, but you will also you’re your customers engaged and interested in your brand. Apart from that, here are some essential tips that you need to know when creating quality embroidery on your promotional caps.

Cap Construction

You’ll need to decide between two options when choosing proper cap construction – you either go structured or unstructured. Present-day ball caps are made with six panels, along with a seam that’s running down the middle of the front. The different construction techniques like stiffness and thickness can leave some of the seams a bit thick and difficult to work with. These features can potentially be a factor that will determine the type of design that works best for your brand.

Fonts and Other Important Details

Choose thick and heavy seams for the amount of detail that can be incorporated in your printed caps. Some fonts, along with your brand logo, as well as some extra details, will cause skipped stitches and needle breaks. These instances will happen when you’re sewing just above the seam. Reduce the detail and tightness at the top layers will help prevent these problems from ever happening.

Commercial Embroidery Techniques

Caps nowadays have a maximum sewing area of around two-and-a-half inches. The closer your commercial embroidery machine is to the outer limits, the higher the chances of distortion. A lot of frames and hooping systems have bands that will lock the bill of the cap. This method will let the embroidery pop out of your cap and float. It causes the fabric to push or pull stitches and become two times more attractive. Get to know more about printed caps and how to provide essential details to them when you click this link.