Top 4 Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Commercial Fencing Adelaide System

Wood is a common commercial fencing Adelaide option. However, the same as regular household fencing, wood requires a lot of attention. It needs regular maintenance for it to look good at all times. If you’re looking for ways on how to maintain your wooden commercial fence system, you’ve come to the right place. This article will talk about the top four maintenance tips for your commercial wood fence. Check this website now.


Get the Right Equipment Together

Make your life easier by getting all the tools you need for the job. Not only will it make the entire task faster but will also ensure that it’s less stressful. Since you already have everything you need, you can guarantee that you will swoop through the entire fencing maintenance project with ease.  Here are some of the main tools and equipment that you will need to clean and maintain your fence system:

  • Horse or Power Washer
  • Wood Stain
  • Rollers or Brushes
  • Protective Sheets
  • Wood Treatment or Bleach


Protect Your Lawn Grass and Plants

Keep in mind that during the entire Commercial fencing Adelaide maintenance process, you’ll be doing a lot of things. You’re going to be doing a lot of blasting with that power washer. There are also going to be some treatments and solutions around. All of them can potentially harm your lawn grass and plants. To ensure that you prevent any damages to some of the essential parts of your garden, you should consider laying plastic sheets. In addition, you can move any damaging plant pots or garden furniture out of the way before you begin your fencing project. Check this website now to know how to get started with your fence system project.


Bleach Before Power Washing

Reliable hardware stores are stocking proper wood cleaning solutions that you can use to apply on your fence. You can also choose to create your very own watering-down bleach solution. The best ways of measuring this out are by utilising one-part bleach for every two parts of water. Apply this solution to your fence and let it rest for some time for it to get to work. Once you notice that it has started to take away any dirt and mildew, you can now proceed to use your power washing to remove the solution completely. Along with that, the softened dirt and debris on your fence system will also be removed.


Commercial fencing Adelaide is similar to residential fencing. You’ll need to maintain your fence for it to stay attractive and beautiful. For more fencing tips and tricks, make sure you check this website and our blog page. We publish every day, so stay tuned for the latest updates on fences.