The Best Kinds of Men’s Socks

ORTC Clothing socks are a great way to add a little zip to your otherwise classic loafers, flats, or dress shoes. Whether for work or play, you’ll need to have a few pairs in different colours and styles on hand. If you’re concerned about comfort or a fashion statement, pick a sock that has a little bit of stretch.

Micro-crew socks/Shorties

Designed for the real runner in you… or not (men obviously). The soft fabric on shortie socks can only barely peek out from the top of your sneakers, and your toes will still be protected from unnecessary friction.

Ankle socks/Flexible socks

These types of ORTC Clothing socks are usually pre-cuffed, so they’re a little more durable than your typical ankle socks. Generally, these come in two primary colours; solid colours or black, brown, charcoal, and white combinations. These are definitely worth the extra investment, especially if they go with the rest of your outfit. Some of my best socks by far are the fuzzy variety of these ankle socks.

Athletic Socks

Don’t let the name mislead you. These types of socks aren’t meant to be athletic in any way, shape or form – they’re made for comfort and to give your feet some warmth during the cold winter months. Athletic socks, by nature, are meant to be loose and airy, allowing your foot to breathe while moving around in your locker room or on the sidelines of a game. Several athletic ORTC Clothing socks fall into this category, including football, tennis, basketball, track and field, soccer, and track and field.

Ankle or Cushioned Socks for Men

These look and feel almost exactly like athletic socks, but they’re meant to fit snugly against the foot instead of being so loose as to leave your feet feeling exposed and free. Ankle or cushioned socks for men generally come in various styles, including flat, crew, hosiery, low-rise, and boxer. You can also find a cushioned version of the athletic socks mentioned above for women. In general, men’s ankle socks are made of wool, cotton, nylon, or a combination of these materials, with the sole of the ORTC Clothing socks consisting of rubber or plastic.

Trino Socks for Men

Similar to athletic socks, trino socks are designed to provide extra comfort and padding around the toes. Typically, a pair of trino socks comes with a pair of cotton socks (sometimes with an additional pair of cotton socks for use if the cotton socks are ruined) in a fabric that provides a snug fit around the feet. Since most trino socks come in a pair of single socks, it’s always convenient to have at least one pair of socks for winter and another pair for summer. This way, you can change out the socks depending on which kind of weather you’re going out in. For example, a pair of ORTC Clothing socks for summer can be easily changed out for a pair of socks for winter with just a quick switch, which means less hassle for yourself and a more comfortable pair of socks to wear.

Cashmere Socks for Men

For a man who likes the look of cashmere but doesn’t want to deal with the high cost of purchasing, buying a pair of wool socks is the option. Cashmere provides a luxurious look that goes well with all kinds of clothing. It also offers the unique qualities of natural wool. Compared to synthetic wool, cashmere is soft and light, but it requires much less maintenance than other kinds of wool because of its unique qualities. ORTC Clothing socks are available in various styles and colours and come in sizes small through X-large. For even more options, consider purchasing a cashmere sweater along with your socks to pull the whole outfit together.